HYFO – Hydroformylation

Hydroformylation, the conversion of olefins and syngas to aldehydes, is a key reaction in chemical industry to produce specialty chemicals, which are subsequently used as solvent or resource to produce detergents, cleansers or plasticizers. Based on the knowledge and results from the previous projects the HYFO case will focus on the implementation and optimization of [...]

H2 – Hydrogen Production

To improve the production of pure hydrogen from biogas or natural gas MACBETH will develop, build and demonstrate a novel reactor concept integrating hydrogen separation in situ during the reforming reaction in a single vessel under industrially relevant conditions. Here, biogas or natural gas methane will be converted to hydrogen at a much lower temperature [...]

PDH – Propane Dehydrogenation

By the use of process optimized CMRs, the harsh operating conditions of propane dehydrogenation process are expected to be mitigated (lower operation temperature) avoiding catalyst deactivation and therefore subsequent regeneration steps resulting in an improved process management and plant/catalyst lifetime. Additionally, the selectivity to propylene will be increased, thus dramatically reducing the presence of gaseous [...]

BOC – Bio Catalytical Oil Cleavage

Vegetable oils are a promising resource to produce fatty acids or their alkyl ester derivates having a vast market potential in the food industry and as biofuel. But their isolation is still challenging because existing processes result in product mixtures of several fatty acids depending on the respective oil source. The BOC case in MACBETH [...]