“Polymeric membranes for hydrocarbon separations and membrane rector applications” – Dr. Torsten Brinkmann (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon)

  • 19/19 Jun 2024
  • online

Polymer membranes exhibit a great versatility with respect to gas separation. They can be used for air separation, the separation of hydrogen or carbon dioxide from various gas streams and the separation of higher hydrocarbon vapours from permanent gases to name but a few possible applications. Key for the application is the selection of the right membrane material as well as membrane module and process technology for the given task. This presentation will highlight the application of rubbery, polymeric membranes in process technology for e.g. organic vapour recovery or the closing of process cycles in polymer production. Furthermore, their use in membrane reactors will be considered as these membranes are ideally suited for recovery of high value reaction products.


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