• 10/03/2022

馃憦 On February 23. – 24. 2022, MACBETH partner CNH2 participated in the RENMAD HYDROGEN conference hold in Zaragoza, Spain. In his presentation, entitled “Energy Solutions Based on Renewable Hydrogen”, David Fernandez, showed attendees the potential of hydrogen as a sustainable energy solution for industry, transport and residential sectors.


In the MACBETH project, funded by the European Union鈥檚 Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, National Hydrogen Center (CNH2) is focussing on the site preparation and the testing of a highly efficient catalytic membrane reactor for producing hydrogen. This disruptive technology combines the catalytic synthesis with the corresponding separation units in a single membrane reactor. This prototype aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) up to 35%, increase the energy efficiency up to 70% and reduce CAPEX and OPEX up to 50% and 80%, respectively.