We are happy to introduce MODELTA – the Spin-off of MACBETH

  • 14/02/2023

The idea to create a common platform of knowledge was born at the beginning of the MACBETH project in 2019. The platform aimed at becoming the point of reference in Europe for catalytic membrane reactors (CMRs), combining best-in-class knowledge and competences, breakthrough innovative technological solution at single building block, integrated reactor, and overall downstream process level, for the benefit of strategic industrial market sectors in Europe.

The  spin-off started out as “Lighthouse Catalytic Membrane Reactors B.V.i.o.” (LCMR). It was officially created under that name in February 2022 under Dutch law. In October 2022, Lighthouse Catalytic Membrane Reactors B.V.i.o officially evolved into Modelta B.V. under Dutch law.

Modelta B.V. has become a technical start-up company specialized in providing modelling services and consultancy around membrane- and membrane reactor technology. This modelling and consultancy is provided using mathematical models initially acquired through:

  • 10+ years of expertise on membranes and novel multiphase reactor systems developed within the Inorganic Membranes and Membrane Reactors group at TU Eindhoven and the Department of Energy at Politecnico di Milano
  • Breakthrough technological advancement on Catalytic Membrane Reactors (CMRs) developed and validated for several chemical processes within MACBETH.

The models in question range from membrane- and membrane reactor models to full industrial scale processes for multiple applications in the chemical industry (e.g. gas separations, reactions, etc.). In-house calculations are done for process design purposes and a techno-economic investigation is done based on specific requests. Main findings range from potentially suitable materials, membrane sizing, operating conditions for the process, sensitivity studies up to expected cost calculations and comparisons. Modelta’s aim is to provide interested companies (B2B) with a preliminary analysis on implementation of membrane- and membrane reactor technology in their existing- or new processes. Typical problems tackled through modelling are: process bottlenecks, high CAPEX/OPEX of the existing process, high emission rate of the current process, low energy efficiency of the process, low process yield, limited scaling potential.

In months following its creation, Modelta has started participation in several project including a first big European project on membrane technology (MEASURED) which has commenced in in January 2023.

For more information on upcoming updates within Modelta, follow them on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/modelta-bv.