BOC case has just reached another milestone – successful implementation of the pilot plant! ✅ 🎉

  • 13/09/2023

The project partners Enzymicals AG, Microinnova Engineering GmbH, Solutex Corp and ChiralVision B.V. have successfully carried out the build-up and implementation of the pilot plant in the labs of Enzymicals AG. This marks the first step towards a broader mission: transferring this pioneering concept to other chemical reactions.

The pilot plant includes an enzymatic flow reactor for the enrichment of #omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) in marine oils.

The BOC case scientists report on the first trials, which were very successful. The results are very promising and encouraging. 💯


The Flow Reactor Features:

✅ Throughput of 2 – 5 L/h

✅ Enhanced sustainability

✅ Precise control and optimization


🔜 Stay tuned and don’t miss the other exciting news we will be announcing soon! ✌