Faces of MACBETH: Diego Rodríguez (CNH2)

  • 02/04/2024

We would like to contuinue the Faces of MACBETH series with Diego Rodríguez of CNH2. He told about himself and his research work whithin MACBETH. We hope, you enjoy getting to know him.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Diego Rodríguez and I was born in Córdoba, Spain. First, I studied Mechanic Technical Engineering and then I completed Industrial Engineering. I have worked mainly in the Oil & Gas industry and in the manufacture of electronic devices, both in the technical office and in maintenance activities in industry. Now I am working in the Engineering Unit of the CNH2 in Puertollano.

I like reading, history, walking through the countryside and learning to play guitar.

  • Do you have a scientific role model? Who is your favorite scientist?

I don’t have a specific scientific role model, because I consider all of them are positive and interesting if they contribute for a better world, but I feel more attraction for Technology. There are many scientists that I could mention, but some of my favourites are Abulcasis, the most famous surgeon in his time, and Ibn Firnas, a scientist which made some attempts to fly. Both of them lived in Córdoba at the Middle Age. Of course, I can not forget Leonardo da Vinci, a genious in every science field.

  • How did you come to join the MACBETH team?

I joined the MACBETH team when I got the opportunity to work at CNH2. I was called to give technical support, but some time later I became the person in charge from CNH2 side.

  • In which MACBETH case are you involved?

I am involved in the H2 line. Right now we are preparing our facilities for the MA-SR that H2Site has built. Once it arrives, we will run the campaign test until the end of the project.

  • How does your typical day look like working on MACBETH?

It can be so diverse, because sometimes there are technical tasks such as electrical installations or civil works to do, and other days I spend all my working time in the office having meetings or doing planning for the different activities. Definitelly, you never get bored working on MACBETH, there is always something to do.

  • What was your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge was learning to work in an European project, because I have always worked in little companies for internal activities. It is an honour, but also a responsibility. I never forget that I work in a public centre, and I am involved in an EU project, so we are managing public resources which come from the population. This is also the first opportunity for me to work as part of a workteam, both externally and internally.

  • What is your biggest success/achievement so far?

Regarding to this job and this project, it is an achievement from my side to have been able to learn about methane reforming, I did not know that this process exists before working here.

  • How do you imagine your future work life?

I imagine myself working focused in applications of hydrogen and clean technologies in my favourite applications, such as heavy industries and maritime transport. I also expect to get more knowledges in fields where I have no experience.


Diego’s LinkedIn account: Diego Rodríguez Bermúdez | LinkedIn