Interview with Zançat Sahin, Managing Director of MODELTA

  • 12/06/2023

To give you an insight in MACBETH spin-off MODELTA and its service offering, we conducted an interview with Managing Director Zançat Sahin.

Dear Zançat, can you describe the basic idea of MODELTA in 3 sentences?

The main focus of Modelta is to provide B2B modelling services and consultancy on membrane- and membrane reactor technology. With the growth of membrane technology and a drive towards sustainability, many sectors face serious questions such as “How can I optimize my process? Is membrane technology worth it? If so, which type, how big, who can produce it?”. We can help answer these questions with our expertise.

That sounds promising! What is the service offering/product of MODELTA and what makes it so unique?

Modelta offers 4 main categories of services, namely:

  • Membranes & Membrane Reactors Modelling ; simulations based on our model database and know-how
  • Process design & upscaling ; techno-economic analysis of membranes or membrane reactors in their process environment
  • Customized model development ; customized models for innovative membrane reactors and membrane systems
  • Consultancy on Membrane Processes

Our strengths come from:

  • Our background as a spin-off from Technical University of Eindhoven, Politecnico di Milano, and the MACBETH EU project. 10+ years of know-how in membranes and membrane reactors research
  • Our skilled team with highly technical background and experience
  • Our network and close collaboration with membrane technology experts in academia and industry through MACBETH consortium

Zançat, who is your typical client or what type of organisation can benefit from working with MODELTA?

Any company looking to optimize their processes or with any potential interest in membrane technology could benefit from our services. Typical problems that could arise are process bottlenecks, high CAPEX/OPEX, high emission rates, low energy efficiency, low process yield, limited scaling potential. We are an added value to a wide variety of entities on the full value chain, ranging from:

  • R&D institutes: Multi-scale modelling
  • Membrane manufacturers: Support with production optimization and in-depth system modelling & analysis
  • EPC Companies: Portfolio expansion by system modelling & custom model development
  • Membrane technology end-users: Key insights with techno-economics and process design & optimization

Okay. That’s already a wide range of organisations. And what can clients expect from MODELTA? How do you support clients?

We provide a full analysis report containing detailed results on the simulations as well as technical and financial details, together with any additional required data depending on the requested service. Such reports contain quantitative parameters related to e.g. process yield, production costs, system sizing, optimal process conditions, comparison to conventional technology, emissions and environmental impact. Our modelling services and consultancy are on a case-by-case basis, meaning that we adapt to the need of the client depending on the relevant sector.

One last question: how can interested clients get in touch with you?

You can reach us through our Website, our LinkedIn page, or you can email us on

Thank you, dear Zançat, for the informative and interesting interview. We wish you every success in your business!