Serena Agnolin defended her PhD thesis on the work developed within the MACBETH

  • 08/05/2024

Serena Agnolin, PhD student in the TU/e SUSTAINABLE PROCESS ENGINEERING group at Eindhoven University of Technology, defended her PhD thesis on 07 May 2024 on the work developed within the MACBETH project.
Serena has been awarded the PhD with classification ‘Cum Laude’, which is only awarded to the best 5% of PhD works at TU/e.
The dissertation is freely accessible at Development of metallic supported Pd-based membranes for H2 separation: Design and application in membrane reactors — Eindhoven University of Technology research portal (

Congratulations to Serena Agnolin for the very good work she has done within the MACBETH project. Thanks also to the supporting people for this PhD work, Prof. Fausto Gallucci, Jon Meléndez Rey, Alfredo Pacheco Tanaka, Luca Di Felice and all the H2 line of the project.