Join the online CLASSY workshop and meet MACBETH

  • 16/08/2023

On 16 October 2023 from 13:00 – 15:30, two partners of the MACBETH consortium will participate in the CLASSY Workshop – “Bioreactions in flow reactors: bringing out the potential applications for cell-free synthetic biology”.

The CLASSY partners and scientists in systems chemistry will showcase the latest results of the project and several industry experts in the field of biocatalysis will participate in the event. The invited guest speakers will present their latest research on the topic and will be available to answer questions.



  •  “Optimal experimental design strategies for optimising immobilized enzymatic reaction networks”, Wilhelm Huck, RU
  •  “Challenges with light and enzymes in flow”, Christoph K. Winkler, UG
  • “Layout of a general purpose perfusable microfluidic reactor array”, Elwin Vrouwe, Micronit

13:45: INDUSTRY INSIGHTS followed by Q&A session:

  • “Technology and perspectives on enzyme immobilization”, David Roura Padrosa, inSEIT Biotech
  • “Strategies for optimizing biocatalytic cascades: current challenges and future perspectives”, Mattia Lazzarotto and Stefan Payer, Enzyan Biocatalysis
  •  “Hundred years of immobilized enzymes”, Rob Schoevaart, ChiralVision
  •  “Modeling and experimental strategy for the development of scalable enzymatic cascades”, Javier Ibáñez, EnginZyme AB
  •  “Biocatalytic omega-3 enrichment in fish oil: From lab (batch) to industrial scale (flow) in 3 years”, David Liese, Enzymicals


  •  “Potential applications of the Innovations in the industry”, lead by Prof. Huck and Prof. Kroutil


The workshop is free and open to all audiences.


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